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Get a Value on Your Trade at Eide Hyundai in Grand Forks

We are always looking for clean, local trade-ins for our inventory. So if you are not in the market for a new vehicle but you would like to sell yours, we are always in the market! At Eide Hyundai we want to make it easy for you to sell us your vehicle. We use an interactive appraisal process that is designed to give you a Fair Market Value for your vehicle. You can use this value towards the purchase of a new or used vehicle from us or just sell it to us outright.


There are a lot of different "books" out there that tell me what my car is worth, and none of them seem to agree with each other. What book do you use?
At Eide Hyundai, we use a number of different sources to evaluate your vehicle. We look at standard guidebooks, such as NADA & Kelly Blue Book, but we don't stop there. We use weekly market and auction reports that give us up-to-the-minute values of what vehicles like yours are being bought and sold for. We also factor in the overall condition of the vehicle, any reconditioning the vehicle needs to be brought up to standard, and also the miles on the vehicle.
If I have a payoff on my vehicle can I still sell it to you?
Absolutely. We will also handle sending in the payoff to the bank on your behalf to pay it off.
Do I need an appointment for an appraisal?
No appointment is necessary but it is preferred. We just wouldn't want to keep you waiting! You can also get an Instant Cash Offer from Kelly Blue Book below. once your put your information in, we will call you to confirm the information and schedule an appointment for you to come to the dealership.

Value Your Trade

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