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The following are general guidelines and a brief description of several common fluid flushes.

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Every car manual has a suggested factory maintenance schedule. Referring to this schedule will help guide decisions on your best course of action for your specific vehicle. However, driving styles vary and our climate causes cars to operate under what is termed "Severe Driving Conditions". Using your car's specific maintenance schedule in addition to a complete inspection of your car by a trusted Eide Service Professional, as well as your driving habits, will help you pinpoint a more accurate maintenance plan for your vehicle.

  • Oil Change - $38.95
  • Rotate Tires - $21.95
  • Alignment - Starting at $99.95
  • Replace Cabin Air Filter - Starting at $65.95

Eide Brake System Flush Avg. Every 30,000 Miles — $125.95

Brake fluid is hydroscopic and absorbs water. At some point, brake fluid absorbs as much water as it can hold. The unabsorbed moisture lowers the boiling point of the fluid causing a loss of brake pressure, the seals to deteriorate, an increase in corrosion internally to your brake system, and decreased brake performance. Changing the brake fluid extends the life of the brake system, removes damaging deposits, and improves brake performance.

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Eide Coolant System Flush Avg. Every 30,000 Miles — $175.95

Keeping an engine operating at a proper temperature ensures a safely running car. Your cooling system is designed to prevent motor oil from overheating in normal or hot driving conditions or freezing in the winter. Your vehicle's radiator and entire cooling system needs to be clean in order to cool an engine properly. An overheated engine is an extremely costly mistake. This flush service can help prevent engine failure!

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Eide Power Steering Flush Avg. Every 30,000 Miles — $117.95

Neglected, dirty power steering fluid can possibly compromise the performance of your car and create severe damage to your steering system. Not flushing your contaminated power steering fluid may lead to difficulty steering your vehicle, a reduction of steering effectiveness, leaks, and wear acceleration. A power steering flush improves performance and car safety, provides proper lubrication, quiets system operation, and prolongs the life of the power steering system, as well as your car.

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Eide Transmission Flush Avg. Every 30,000 Miles — $224.95

Transmission fluid lubricates, cleans and cools the automatic transmission, ensuring a smooth operation. Heat destroys the lubricating qualities of the fluid and over time causes the transmission to slip, the clutch to burn out, and eventually transmission failure. A fluid exchange prevents expensive transmission repairs and promotes smooth shifting both while extending transmission life and validating compliance with your manufacturer's recommendations, so you do not void your manufacturer's warranty!

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Other Services Offered at Eide Hyundai in Grand Forks

Our Service Department at Eide Hyundai is here to handle all of your car or truck service needs. We service all makes and models, and we are open convenient hours during the week and on Saturday. You can easily schedule a service appointment online for just about any service your vehicle may need, although we also take walk-in customers for most work. We have a comfortable waiting area with leather couches, TV, and always-hot coffee. We also provide shuttle service during the hours of operation of our Service Department. Some of the common maintenance and repairs performed at Eide Hyundai include:

  • Oil Change
  • Tire Rotation
  • Tire Repair & Installation
  • Brake Service
  • Alignment
  • Flush Coolant, Transmission, etc
  • Engine Service
  • Transmission Service
  • Hyundai Warranty
  • Recalls

We have one of the highest CSIs (Customer Satisfaction Index) in the region for Hyundai dealers. You can also read our Sure Critic reviews to see what other service customers of ours had to say about their experience. Also, be sure to check our Service Specials page for discounts on services offered. We update this page monthly. We would like to thank you for the opportunity of making Eide Hyundai your Service Center of choice.

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